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Paul was born in Liverpool, England.  He lived in a working-class family. His father, James 'Jim' McCartney was in a Jazz band , and is mother Mary was a nurse. Mary died when Paul was 14 of breast cancer. With the influence on his fathers band, Paul took up guitar (1956). Some time after, Paul met guitar player, John Lennon, and joined his band, the Quarrymen. They played togther for a few years, while changing their name, when finally in '59 they adaped the name, the Beatles.
             In the Beatles, Paul played bass guitar, sang and was the songwriter, along with John. Together, Lennon-McCartney wrote many timeless hits for Love Me Do to Let it Be.
             Sence the Beatles breakup in '70, Paul had a good music carrier. He came out with his first solo album, McCartney, April 17, 1970.
            In 1996 Paul was knighted for  his contribution to music.
aside from music...
        From the early years to the mid. years of the Beatles, Paul dated actress Jane Asher. In around 67/68 they split up. They never married. Later he met photographer Linda Eastman. They married in '69. Linda recently passed away (april 17th, 1998). Soon after Paul started dating former model, Heather Mills.

Name- James Paul McCartney
Born- June 18, 1942
Height- about 5'11
weight- 140-something
favourite colour- blue
                          "The Cute Beatle"
John-  John was also born into a working-class Liverpool family. His mother, Julia, and his father, Freddy, had a rough relationship. Freddy deserted julia when John was three. Julia started dating, and when John had the chance and option, he chose to live with his Aunt Mimi. John was very interested in art. He struggled in math and science, but was very good in English. He went on to art school. At Liverpool Art College, John became interested in music and formed the band, the Quarrymen- later the Beatles. He got Paul and George Harrison to join the band.
         John played rhythem guitar, sang and wrote songs (with Paul). They wrote many great songs together like I want to hold your hand, Yellow Submarine, Drive My Car and more.

John married his school classmate Cynthia 'cyn' Powell.
They had a son, Julian, in '63. While married to  Cyn, John openly dated artist Yoko Ono. In '68 cyn divorced John. John then married Yoko. They had a son, Sean (oct. 9 1975), after a miscarrage. John and Yoko made solo albums together after the Beatles breakup.

On December 8th, 1980, John was brutally shot and killed outside his and Yoko's NYC apartment. He was only 40 when he died.
Name- John Winston Ono Lennon
Born- October 9, 1940
Height- 5'11
Weight- 140-something
favourite colour- green
                    "The Smart Beatle"
George- George was born into a working-class family in Liverpool. He started learning guitar as a teenager, and in '58 joined the Quarrymen with older schoolmate, Paul.
               George started getting interested in Indian music. He took up the ancient Indian instrument, the sitar. In '66 he to the Beatles to India to meditate. He took sitar lessons from Ravi Shankar. He played some songs with the sitar.
               George played lead guitar in the Beatles, but he also wrote and sang some songs. He also played the sitar on some songs.
               George had a steady relationship with British model, Patti Boyd. They married, but George lost Patti to singer Eric Clampton (>p) . Clampton and Harrison remained friends.  George sometime later met and married Olivia Arias.
                 He had a good solo carrier after the Beatles with albums All Things Must Pass to his last album, Brainwashed.
                   In '99, George was shot but survived with help from wife, Olivia. But, on November 29, 2001, George lost his battle with cancer. He was only 58 when he died.

Name- George Harrison
Born- February 25, 1943
Height- 5'10 or 5'11
Weight- around 140
favourite colour- purple
                        "The Quiet Beatle"
Ringo- Ringo was also born in a working class family in Liverpool. Like John, Ringo's father deserted his mother when Ringo was only three. Ringo was very sick as a child, so he had to drop out of school. He took up drum lessons and took up different jobs. In '57 he joined Rory Storm and the Hurricanes as the drummer. In around '62 the Beatles manager replaced the Beatles old drummer, Pete Best, with Ringo.
Ringo doesn't have a wide vocal range so he didn't sing much. When he did, he sang songs written specially written for him, such as With A Little Help From My Friends and Yellow Submarine. But he dis write somes songs like Don't Pass Me By.
                        Ringo married Maureen Cox. At some time they split up and he married Barbara Bach.
                Ringo also had a pretty good solo carrier, and just came out with a new CD, Choose Love.

Name- Richard Starkey
Born- July 7, 1940
favourite colour- red

                           "The Sad Beatle"
All bios. from Penny Lane

disclaimer-This is a fan site only. I am in no way affiliated with the Beatles or Apple co.