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How to become a Beatles fan
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How to become a Beatles fan

1 Learn who they are--their faces and their voices
2 Buy some of their CDs or download them on ITunes-which ever you do
3 Or get the Greatest Hits CDs, Anthology CDs or the #1 album
4 Get some posters--looking at them all day will make ya love them!
5 Pick a favourite-it's okay!
6 Get one of their movies, it's fun actually seeing them move and talk! :)
7 Visit some fansites, they have some good and fun information
8 Beg your *ahem* older relatives if they have any gear Beatles memrobelia you can have!
9 Buy t-shirts! Let EVERYONE know you're obsessed!
and by now---Your a BeatleFREAK! like me! Congrats and ta!

disclaimer-This is a fan site only. I am in no way affiliated with the Beatles or Apple co.